Programme Introduction


“BiMBA wants to provide our students, especially entrepreneurs and senior executives with a macro vision, so that they can stand in the grasp of China’s macroeconomic trends and changes in the business environment, studying the specific issues of the enterprise with such view.”

                                                                                 ————Justin Yifu Lin 

Justin Yifu LIN
Honorary Dean of NSD, Peking University
Founder of BiMBA, CCER and NSD, Peking University
State Council Counselor
Vice Chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce
Ex-Vice President and Chief Economist of World Bank


BiMBA - Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) at Peking University - was founded in 1998 as the first joint international MBA program in Beijing approved by the Chinese government. It is a joint educational venture, between Peking University (Beijing, China) and its global partners, operated by the National School of Development (NSD) at Peking University.

As the founding institution, the National School of Development provides BiMBA students with a platform to understand micro- issues from a macro- standpoint and truly grasp the ‘big picture’ in management.  It is for this reason that BiMBA is known in the business world as the ‘Business school within a think-tank’.

Upholding Peking University's values of “inclusiveness and harmony with diversity”, as well as the National School of Development's combination of academia with practice, BiMBA advocates a combination of East and West learning, an integration of knowing and doing and is committed to driving innovation in management and China's development.

BiMBA’s MBA program is taught in English. It offers both full-time MBA and part-time MBA programs jointly with Vlerick Business School in Belgium since 2008, and University College London (UCL) in UK since 2017. In addition to the MBA programs, BiMBA provides its students and alumni with the opportunities of taking a second master degree program in global finance offered by Fordham University in New York and a second master degree program in global real estate offered by Wisconsin University in Madison.

In its 20-year history, BiMBA has educated and trained thousands of business leaders and professional managers with Peking University values, a national and global vision and a sense of social responsibility. Forbes China Magazine ranked its full-time MBA the top in China as “the Most Valuable Full Time MBA” and part-time MBA “the Highest on Salary” in 2014. BusinessWeek Magazines described it as “An MBA with a Heart”.

Lake View of Langrun Garden

BiMBA is located within the grounds of what was the residence of a prince in the Qing Dynasty, dating back about 250 years old. These physical features, as well as the small class sizes, provide the ideal atmosphere for close interactions with both other students and faculty members.

BiMBA students


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