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If you are thinking about doing business in or with China, think BiMBA at National School of Development,Peking University. This program has been ranked #1 in China by Fortune (China) and Forbes (China) for years, and BusinessWeek has described it as “An MBA with a Heart”.

National School of Development (NSD) at Peking University(based at the prestigious China Center for Economic Research, CCER), the parent institution of BiMBA, was founded by Prof. Justin Yifu Lin (former ChiefEconomist and Senior VP, World Bank) in 1994, and committed to comprehensiveand interdisciplinary studies in social sciences and training well-roundedtalents for the nation. The NSD and CCER have played a key role in China’ssocial and economic reform during the past twenty years and have earned areputation for being a top Chinese government think-tank. Thus, BiMBA has beenregarded as “A Business School in China’s Think-Tank”.

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