PKU-Vlerick MBA


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Daisy Wang
Assistant Dean Director of Admissions & Marketing

162 MBA students from around fifteen countries and more than twenty industries are enrolled in both full-time and part-time classes in 2012.

BiMBA’s full-time class is well-known for their “internationalism”. Ratios of international students in the classes have been up to 30% since 2006. In the 2012 class, students come from ten countries and areas, and international students are now 38%. Moreover, students at a level of manager and above are at 73%, highest in BiMBA’s history. They join BiMBA for career change or advancement as well as business knowledge.

BiMBA’s part-time classes are not only international groups, but also very “career experienced”. Most of them work at MNCs with solid experience in project and team management, and they all want to further their management career and develop global leadership at BiMBA. The average working life of the 2012 part-time group is nine years, and more than 80% of them are at managerial positions or above. They are very open to share, which makes their learning experience fruitful and the network intimate.

Nearly 40% of the 2012 MBA group is female: confident, motivated, dedicated and passionate.

Whether they are in the full-time class or the part-time ones, they are ones among a most exceptional group. We encourage our students to work in groups, to expose themselves to diversity and to be positive contributors of their groups.