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Signing Ceremony of the New Collaboration Between NSD and SoM

Signing Ceremony of the New Collaboration Between the National School of Development of Peking University and School of Management of University College London Announces the Start of a New Era in MBA Education

On November 3rd 2016, Peking University (PKU) and University College London (UCL) announced to have a joint MBA program to enhance the strategic partnership. President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur, President of PKU Professor Lin Jianhua and Dean of the National School of Development(NSD) of PKU Professor Yao Yang and Director of the School of Management (SoM) of UCL Professor Bert de Reyck  attended the signing ceremony.

President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur, President of PKU Professor Lin Jianhua

Following the agreement, the two universities will jointly launch an MBA program. This joint MBA program between NSD and SoM will reflect the unique expertise of  both universities. The qualified students in the program will be awarded an MBA degree by UCL.

NSD of PKU is a leading think-tank in economics and public policy while SoM of UCL is a business school with a focus on technology, innovation, analytics and entrepreneurship. The joint MBA program is expected to play a significant role in developing a new generation of business leaders, facilitating further development in China, and transforming Chinese economy to knowledge economy.

Dean of the National School of Development(NSD) of PKU Professor Yao Yang and Director of the School of Management (SoM) of UCL Professor Bert de Reyck

Professor Arthur and Professor Lin both stated at the ceremony, “we are pleased to witness the sustainable cooperative development between the two universities. Both PKU and UCL are dedicated to create value to this world through innovation and research-oriented education. We will work hand in hand for joint development.”

Having been inspired by the strategy of Constructing an innovation-based nation emphasized by President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, NSD management team has been working hard to achieve the new mission. While NSD of PKU has been working closely with Vlerick Business School of Belgium for years, the cooperation with UCL will bring added value to NSD with its strength in academics, brand impact and expertize in innovation and entrepreneurship.

PKU has been cooperating with UCL for a long time. Since 2014 NSD has started partnership with SoM in UCL. UCL has been receiving NSD EMBA students in International Management Study Trips each year to conduct academic exchanges. EMBA students of NSD visited UCL’s Innovation Center, “Idea London” in 2015 and 2016.

Profile of UCL

University College London( UCL), was founded in 1826 as one of the founding colleges of University of London (UOL). It is one of the G5 Superior Elite Universities, together with University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College of Science and Technology and London School of Economics and Political Science representing top scientific research competence, faculty and students quality and financial power in Britain. It is one of the top universities in Golden Delta in the UK and one of the member universities among top research-based British universities alliance, The Russell Group (including 24 member universities, similar to Ivy League universities in USA). The Russell Group enjoys most financial budget from British government. We can have a better understanding of its academic position in Europe from the ranking information below:

    No. 7 among QS World University Ranking; No. 3 in Europe after Cambridge and Oxford; No.1 in Education field globally (Source: QS World University Ranking 2015)

    No.3 in European on academic competence ranking (Source: Academic World University Rankings 2015)
    No. 2 in UK for number of citations on academic papers (Source: Thomson Scientific Citation Index)

There are over 4000 teaching and research staff and 648 professors in UCL.  Among them there are 46 Fellows of Royal Society, 10 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering, 55 Fellows of British Academy and 99 Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Thirty-two scholars or graduates from UCL are Nobel Prize winners and 3 are winners of Fields Prize.

Profile of UCL School of Management


SoM was renamed after Management Science and Innovation in 2015. It is located in Canary Wharf in London and enjoys high reputation in innovation, technical management, analytics and entrepreneurship. The university has co-developed a unique “Idea London” to serve entrepreneurial businesses with strategic consulting, mentoring and technical services concerned. It is dedicated to creating a world-leading, globally impactful top college to promote the business training and academic development.
    SoM ranked No.1 on research competence in Europe (Source: Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014)