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BiMBA Wins 4th Place & Gull Award in Business School Desert Challenge

Latest news from the 2016 Asia Pacific Business School Desert Challenge: after a grueling three days’ trek over 70 kilometers in the desert, the National School of Development at Peking University BiMBA team made it to 4th place out of 73 teams, winning also the ‘Gull Award’ for the first time.


As one of the most influential MBA outdoor competitions in Asia, and China’s most influential MBA events, the Asia-Pacific Desert Challenge has long been known for its endurance and tough conditions. Over three days, competitors most cross 70 kilometers of desert within a specified time limit: crossing in the blistering heat of day and camping in the night, it is both a test of stamina and endurance. This year’s competition took place in extreme conditions – competitors were met with sandstorms and high heat on the first day and plunging temperatures coupled with strong winds followed by sleet on the second day. By the early morning of the third day, tents were covered with frost. A cocktail of sandstorms, blistering heat, plunging temperatures and sleet brought the difficulty of the competition to a new level.


Over 1500 competitors forming 73 teams from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia took part in this year’s Challenge, making it the most competitive in its history. Team BiMBA was led by Vice-Dean Wang Xin and comprised of 12 members, 8 observers and 2 journalists. Throughout the competition the team displayed tenacity and team spirit that showed the National School of Development’s unique spirit.


The spirit of the Challenge: “environment, cooperation, tenacity & responsibility” is deeply embedded in the hearts of each and every competitor and we look forward to the future Challenges with these worthy competitors.