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Review: Peking University BiMBA Business School’s European Study Exchange

The sound of clinking glasses and a chorus of “cheers” signalled the end of Peking University National School of Development’s BiMBA Business School 2016 European study exchange at Vlerick Business School in Belgium. The end of the exchange was celebrated with a cocktail party at the end of January.

During the three week study exchange, 28 full-time students at BiMBA and 23 full-time students at Vlerick Business School attended Operation Management and Human Resource Management courses together, as well as meeting four well-known companies. This was the first of such international study initiatives, which highlights BiMBA’s advocacy for training international talent.


As China’s first international MBA program, BiMBA has been committed to bringing the best faculty members from across to world to train and teach its students. Aside from studying at the Peking University Langren Garden campus, BiMBA students also have the opportunity to study in Europe or the US as part of a study exchange or second masters. International dialogue and study enhance students’ global mindset.

During this European study exchange, 53 students from 16 countries studied, debated, completed case studies, group work and business simulation exercises together, bringing a full and rich exchange of ideas, debate and cooperation.

The benefits of such programs are highlighted by BiMBA 2015 candidate Zhao Enyu:“The differences in legal, cultural and company systems in different countries and organizations are much larger than we imagine. For example, in our last Human Resource Management class, we had a role-play assessment– the challenges came from a financial crisis, labor bonuses, and legal issues. Issues between front-line workers, lower management and company management came to a head and during the simulation, each student was heavily involved – it felt like we were really experiencing a major change in a company! After the role-play, we debriefed with the professor’s review and students’ feedback. This kind of class structure is really brilliant!”


Commenting on the BiMBA students, Vlerick Business School Academic Dean, Dr. Dirk Buyens said: “The students from BiMBA’s 2015 full-time class left a strong impression. They are intelligent, hard-working, good at sharing and have astute observations and judgments on global industry. They really enjoyed working with the Vlerick students. I believe that the Vlerick students will have a wonderful experience during their exchange at BiMBA in March.

Marrying theory with practice has always been BiMBA business school’s standpoint and has launched a series of entrepreneurship classes to bring together MBA students with famous entrepreneurs. At the end of this study exchange, there were four such networking events in keeping with this initiative.

In 2016, the European study exchange began a new stage in Peking University National School of Development BiMBA Business School’s international talent training strategy. Following this, BiMBA will bring even more pedagogical innovation and changes, to form a well-developed platform for its students.