About EMBA

In 2000, BiMBA started to enroll EMBA students with years of top-management experience and achievements. The program aims to help top executives summarize their experiences and give them systematic training in business management. Each year BiMBA recruits two EMBA classes. The course work will be finished in two years. After completing the study, students will receive the EMBA degree issued by Peking University.

Based on the National School of Development at Peking University (NSD), BiMBA is able to study and pass on the knowledge of management from the “height of grasping the trend of the country's economic development and business environment change”, and to create a unique positioning in the field of management education. From the middle and later periods of the 1990's, opinions given by the professors of NSD and BiMBA in food, telecommunication reform, banking reform, WTO, deflation, macro regulation and control, land, issue of migrant workers, housing, and other major decision making issues relating to the people's livelihood, gradually attracted attention of the Chinese top leaders and won international reputation.

Now BiMBA has developed into a major training base for senior management personnel of not only domestic enterprises but multinationals. It is also the first option recommended by human resources departments of many companies for their staff to receive MBA and EMBA education. BiMBA is now a leading player in terms of teaching quality, students profile and social reputation. In the past years, it has always been top-ranked in various evaluation in China, which indicates an extensive recognition from the society.