National School of Development at Peking University

The National School of Development at Peking University - a scientific research and educational institution focusing on the comprehensive study of social sciences - has recently been established, based on the prestigious China Center for Economic Research at Peking University (CCER). This new organization is committed to the internationalization, standardization and localization of study of social sciences in China, besides innovation in disciplinary systems, academic perspectives and research methods. 

China is well on its way to joining the group of developed countries by the middle of this century.  To this end, it will definitely be undertaking further reforms in economic, political, social and cultural areas.  There is no doubt that China will play an increasingly important role in the world. In this evolutionary process, China will inevitably be confronted with many challenges. To view a society from the perspective of a single discipline offers the advantage of greater specialization and precision. However, such an approach may fail to address significant questions that might emerge in the modernization process, and, even more importantly, be inadequate for judging critical issues comprehensively. Therefore, China's social sciences need to go beyond narrow specialization and a disciplinary foundation, and establish an open, cross-disciplinary, multi-perspective platform, on the basis of which there can be debates and discussions, and effective communication among interested parties, that can inspire and create an environment for cooperative research, so as to realize the aggregation of  knowledge at a higher level.

Being a comprehensive university, which has achieved a high reputation both at home and abroad, Peking University encompasses a great variety of subjects. It cultivates a strong intellectual atmosphere and tradition, which lay a solid foundation for cross-disciplinary studies. The National School of Development at Peking University is devoted to promoting comprehensive studies of social sciences in China. It is making a meaningful attempt to organize cross-disciplinary research, and to grooming of well-rounded talent to serve both China’s reform and development, and the setting-up of the new world order, as well as exploration and research in social sciences more generally. This is an important component of Peking University’s goal to establish itself as one of the world’s top universities in the new era. 

The National School of Development at Peking University has set national development as the core purpose of its research endeavors, and intends to address important issues related to strategies, institutions, policies and fundamental theories that impact China’s continuing reform, development and modernization. It will keep a constant and close watch on patterns evolving globally, and will participate in high-level dialogues on matters of reform and development, and the setting-up of the new world order. NSD will follow the principle of “Small Organization, Big Network” in organizing broad-based, cross-disciplinary studies, cultivating well-rounded talent, and building itself as a leading think tank in the academic community in China.

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