About BiMBA


Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) at Peking University was founded in 1998 as the first joint international MBA program in Beijing approved by the Chinese government. It is a joint educational venture, between Peking University (Beijing, China) and its global partners, operated by the National School of Development (NSD) at Peking University. On the background of China's reforms and modernization practices, BiMBA is operating in the excellent academic atmosphere and a long line of research traditions at PKU. It is committed to active participation in high level dialogues with local and global leaders, discussing China's present reforms and future development as well as the reconstruction of a global new order. Its goal is to cultivate corporate leaders who are familiar with China's market environment as well as international business practices and are thus empowered with a global vision and a local mindset.

Mission and Core Values

BiMBA has been guided by its mission since 1998 which is to "develop into a world class MBA program at China’s best university committed to serving global values and guided by Peking University’s rich legacy". BiMBA aims to train, develop and inspire passionate business leaders and professionals of competence, character and commitment.

MBA, EMBA, and Training Programs
BiMBA offers full-time MBA, part-time MBA and Executive MBA degree programs, executive development programs (EDP), and tailor-made training programs on finance and public administration for enterprises and institutions of various industries

Initiated in 1998, BiMBA’s MBA program is taught in English. Since its establishment, BiMBA has enjoyed NO.1 rankings several times as China's Most Valued Business School by Fortune and Forbes. All the MBA courses make a successful combination of Western and Chinese teaching styles, ensuring students attain a global mindset with adaptability to the local environment. Courses are taught both by BiMBA faculty and professors from Vlerick and other leading business schools around the world. Upon graduation, program participants will receive an MBA degree from the Vlerick Business School in Belgium, which is one of the most renowned business schools in Europe and the best in Belgium and was ranked 14th worldwide in 2008 in a survey by The Economist of full-time MBA program. Vlerick's MBA degree has not only received official ratification from the Ministry of Education of the People'S Republic of China, it is also the only one in China holding all three major international business school accreditations - AACSBEQUIS and AMBA.

Executive MBA
The EMBA program, initiated in 2000, is tailored for executives who are at key transitional points in their careers. Backed by an excellent faculty team of the National School of Development at Peking University (NSD), the program sets its mission as enabling participants to "stand higher to see better the future direction of China's economy among complexities of the business environment". After completing the courses, students will receive an EMBA degree granted by Peking University.

Executive Development Program(EDP)
The Executive Development Program is created to offer excellent management training and consultancy services tailored to the specific needs of companies and organizations. Its goal is to help participants master new managerial skills and develop their own leadership styles, as well as build an excellent management team.

Public Management Training Program
The Public Management Training Program is designed for government institutions and NGOs to train policymakers and public officials of expertise in a specific area by using the most advanced management methods and techniques.

Peking University (PKU)

Peking University was founded in 1898 with traditional values of patriotism, progress, democracy, and science, together with an educational style combining diligence, exactitude, truthfulness, and innovation. With an efficient and democratic administration laying emphasis on scientific research and academic freedom, the university has trained a large number of people with various specialties. Peking University is ranked amongst the top universities in China.

National School of Development at Peking University (NSD)

The National School of Development at Peking University (NSD) - a scientific research and educational institution focusing on the comprehensive study of social sciences - has recently been established, based on the prestigious China Center for Economic Research at Peking University (CCER). This new organization is committed to the internationalization, standardization and localization of the study of the social sciences in China, and to innovation in disciplinary systems, academic perspectives and research methods. CCER will still operate as a subsidiary of NSD.

China Center for Economic Research at Peking University (CCER)

The China Center for Economic Research at Peking University (CCER) was founded in August 1994, as an experiment in new methods of research and education in China. CCER brought together a group of well-trained scholars in the fields of economics and management, from China and around the world, to make contributions to education and research at Peking University, to foster economic reform and development in China, and to contribute to the development of modern economic and management theories. Under the leadership of its founder and former director Prof. Justin Yifu Lin(currently the Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of World Bank), CCER has taken a key role in China’s social and economic reform during the past 30 years and gained a reputation as a “think-tank” for the Chinese government.

Vlerick Business School
Vlerick Business School is the best business school in Belgium and was ranked 10th worldwide in 2009 in a survey by The Economist of full-time MBA program. Vlerick is the degree granting institution for BiMBA, and it is one of few institutions in the world- and the only one in China- to hold all three major international business school accreditations-AACSBEQUIS and AMBA.